Tricia’s success story

Wouldn’t you give yourself a year to feel healthy, happy and vibrant?


just before she came to see us

2 months later

7 months later

1 year later

In her own words:

I wanted to feel well and healthy, it was as simple as that.

I'd been caring for my elderly Mum for many years, and in the back of my mind I suppose I thought there would be a time for me to look after myself at some point down in the future, so I kept putting it off....and the weight kept piling on....and then one day I had some kind of mental 'shake up' and I asked myself the question why am I putting me at the bottom of the priority list....what exactly am I waiting for?

At the time I met Ghada my 60th birthday was a year away, so it was the perfect time to change my attitude about food and exercise and start on the road to health and vitality.

I wanted to take 2 years to work on myself, so I wasn't after a 'quick fix'....because there is no quick fix when you're trying to work out how to change the patterns of a lifetime. It's complex, and as the commercial on the TV says 'it won't happen overnight....but it WILL happen.

'So I began with a determination to simply take it one day at a time and do all that I could in that one day....and I just kept repeating the pattern everyday.

I had a lot of weight to shift and I couldn't wrap my head around how I could possibly do it, so I broke it down by the day, without looking too far ahead, just concentrated on doing all I could for one day....over and over again...till we get to now where I've dropped around 30kg and I'm feeling (and looking) better than I have for a long, long time.

Everything has changed, I now love walking (it used to be very difficult because I was carrying around so much weight, it wasn't fun for me) it's such a joy knowing I can go for a long walk and not get tired and want to stop.

The thing that has surprised and delighted me are the compliments I've received from people, because everything I wear now looks a whole lot better, it's amazing. I think before I put things in my mouth and I've still been able to have nice treats on special occasions, (not everyday) and I can plan for them now.

With Ghada's advice, knowledge and care I have been able to drop the weight (with more to go) and finally put myself and my health at the top of the priority list. I'm still caring for my Mum, but now I'm also caring for the same time (who knew I could do two things at once lol Emoji)

Thank you Ghada for your ongoing support and your professionalism.

Brightest blessings,