Elyse’s skin success story

Day One


Day oneDay oneDay 1

2 weeks later

2 weeks later2 weeks later2 weeks later

4 weeks later

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2 months later

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3 months later

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In Her Own words

It was about a year ago now that I began realising my health in a bad state and things were getting out of hand.

I had such a broad range of symptoms but the one which stood out to me most and lead me to dig deeper into the cause of my ill health was a massive rash on my arm and my face.

It started small and within probably 3 months had gotten so bad that there wasn't a minute of my day where it wasn't taking over my mind.

I went and saw 5 different doctors, all of which had no idea and even gave me medication that made me worse. I was then referred to a skin specialist, who took a biopsy and a few other tests and still, had no idea what was wrong with me, again giving me treatment that made things worse.

I then decided to look for a naturopath. The first naturopath I found (before Tree of Life) was also a fail - she (in my opinion) had no idea what she was doing and once again, gave me treatment that made me worse and sent me broke with all the medical bills.

I was about 5 months in to having this terrible rash and other horrible symptoms and I was just about ready to give up. I then came across tree of life naturopathy and thought id give another naturopath a go (I'm studying nutritional medicine myself so I know the importance of natural medicine).

In my first appointment with Ghada, she picked up on my symptoms straight away and knew exactly what to do. I left my consultation feeling hopeful for the first time in months.

Surely enough, after 3 weeks of the treatment plan Ghada had put me on, I could see that 90% of the rash had physically healed.

After this, I knew it would take more time and commitment but that's what you have to put in as a patient. I knew if I was committed to Ghadas instructions for me, I would heal.

Well it's been 7 months since my first consultation and I've been well for almost 2 months. Candidiasis (the condition I had) is a lengthy process to heal, but after a restrictive diet, a few rounds of herbal tinctures and lots of encouragement from Ghada, I am finally able to feel great again.