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Naturopathy or Natural Medicine  is a holistic approach for health that take into consideration all aspect of yourself: Mind, Body, and Soul.When you become our patient we will make sure to investigate all aspect of your world, because we believe that in order to be healthy you need to be taking care of the whole magnificent unique person you are.We empower you with knowledge about your health issues until you become a pro in your own health, we give you back the power to  be in control of your own health (we will hold your hand along the way), and we will give you all tools to make you achieve your health goals in the shortest time.

Microscopy screening

microscopy analysis

Microscope screening is a tool where we take one small drop of your blood, pop it under the dark field microscope and the image is displayed onto the specialised screen!

This equipment will allow us to see each blood cell individually, performing its functions, as it would inside the body….live!
This powerful health assessment is based on the medical science of hematology, this includes the morphology of:
-Red blood cells,
-White blood cells (allergies, inflammation),
-Other particles (for example, chylomicrons (cholesterol), fibrins (liver issues)).

Whilst this is no replacement for the regular pathology blood tests, it is live, visual analysis. Which means it can help explain the results obtained from the regular blood tests because cell morphology is taken into account.
Regular pathology blood tests tend to yield quantitative results, whilst the qualitative tests will allow observations to be made by the technician/therapist, as well as the client.

For example: let’s say a person presents with anaemic symptoms, they take a regular pathology blood test, but results show that they have a normal red blood cell count. They then choose to see a technician, and upon observation, it is discovered that, although they have the right amount of red blood cells, their sizes are too small. This explains why they are experiencing anaemia, one of the reasons being because there isn’t enough space in the cells for them to carry the normal amount of haemoglobin, hence oxygen.
So the combination of these tests can really shed some light on what is really going on.

What can we do with screening?

The software allows technicians to record everything, literally, and allocate this data to the corresponding client. This means that you can request a digital report that displays recorded images and videos seen by the microscope, you can watch these in real time. You can also receive a quantitative blood count report.

It allows us to see the different shapes, sizes, functions and the concentration of particular cells. Which means that abnormalities can be identified.

Hence, this valuable tool gives us an indication of the level of inflammation your body is suffering from, as well as:
– Oxidative stress
– Nutrient deficiency
– The state of your immunity
– The state of your liver

According to the information analysed from this tests, Naturopathic practitioners can then recommend the most suited plan that may maintain, and/or improve your health, for example a diet that boosts your nutrient consumption, or, perhaps a health plan that reduces toxicity of the liver.

With regular tests…you will be able to see your blood improve over time, right before your eyes.
This is a powerful tool to keep you motivated, as we humans tend to be encouraged by positive results, and evidence.

Do you want to get results? Don’t make yourself wait any longer. Take the reigns of health and vitality into your hands!

Let us work together to get you your  best optimal health.

Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine has a gentle way of healing the body .From early civilisations : Egyptian, Greek, Ayurverda, Traditional Chinese medicine, and traditional western medicine: Natural medicine used herbal therapy to restore health (as herbs work together to support the body healing itself)  .After all with very little (if any) side effects, it is the best you can give your body for optimum health.And the best news is that we can formulate your mixture to your specific body needs, all in one bottle.Our Naturopath Ghada El-Semaani is highly experienced when it comes to presenting you with a comprehensive health program that is fail-proof, to get you in the best frame: in other words you get the whole package.

Cook like a Naturopath workshop

cook like a naturopath apron
cook like a naturopath apron

Cook like a naturopath was created due to the high demand for healthy cooking workshops and classes.

As a naturopathic clinic , we are very keen on nutrition. Because  we believe that you are what you eat, we want you to succeed in your everyday home cooking and the best and simple way to do so is to show you how, 

we dedicated a facebook page for your every day home cooking, we encourage you to like it, so that you get daily feed of food that will nurture your body for optimum health, energy and vitality.

-Why cook like a naturopath?You asked us to give you recipes that are delicious, healthy and easy and for that we are happy to empower you with good knowledge on food combinations that works for your body.
- Do you do food demonstrations? absolutely, we run tailored workshops filled with great food,healthy tips, healthy combinations, interactive, and the best of all you get to sample the food with us, and other lovely people.

  • Do you do sweets too?  who doesn't like sweet food, and for that we created healthy treats for you that you'll enjoy minus the guilt , of course.



You service your car every year at least once, so what about your body?
we are bombarded every day with chemicals, toxins, pollutants, in food, water, and air, so a yearly detoxification will get you a fresh clean slate in health every time you detox.
Our successful patients ask for a detox 2 to 3 times a year, especially after festivity seasons.

We recommend at least once a year detox.
come on , you deserve to feel fantastic and clean from the inside out too

Personalised Diet

personalised diet

No two people are the same, so why your diet should be one fits all?

We at Tree of Life Naturopathy ,take great care in assessing your individual needs so we can formulate the best suited diet for you.

By taking into account your likes and dislikes, limitations and restrictions , weakness and strength, work and personal life and work around everything you are dealing with to make your diet yours and yours alone.

Our comprehensive plans covers everything you need ,we will be there for you (in your downs and in your ups) until you reach your goal . 

Pantry raid

pantry raid

What better way to start the year than to get rid of all the festivity season's junk food from your pantry,

we at tree of life naturopathy , and for the first time, we listened to your requests and created raid the pantry program , this 5 hour class , we come to your house, check your pantry explain what you have good and what you have bad for your family health and why?

and then we go shopping together so you understand what food to choose and what to avoid,

at the end of our visit to you , together,  we will cook a meal the healthy way, like a naturopath.

P.S.this package is for one family at a time only.


 6 and 12 weeks programs:

When was the last time you did something AMAZING for yourself?

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These programs have special pre-set price so there are no hidden costs or extras. You know exactly what you are getting from the moment you begin. Once you have committed to the first session you will be guided and nurtured all the way to the end of the program by our Naturopath Ghada making sure you get to where you want to be. Just think of the look on the faces of those around you as you turn out to your favourite SUMMER function looking FABULOUS!

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