Sam’s Success Story : This Could be you

Sam day one

Sam Day One

5 months later

 7 months later

7 months later

9 months Later

9 months later

9 months later

6 months after reaching her ideal weight

6 months after reaching and maintaining ideal weight

One year after weight loss

1 year after weightloss

In Her Own words:

I was truly apprehensive, however upon seeing the positive transformation my sister went through with Ghada only a year before gave me the motivation to go and see her.

Before seeing Ghada I was unhappy, I felt I would never shift the 20kg that I piled on over the past couple of years which were a result of health issues such as insulin resistance and glandular fever, as well as depression, deep seated anxieties, complete lack of confidence within myself.

It has been a hard journey, but more than worth it:  I cried for the first 3 days after starting the initial process with Ghada.  I saw her on the Friday and was ready to give up by the Sunday, I remember calling her, telling her that I cannot do it but she encouraged me to continue, gave me a few tips to overcome my fears and helped me to go through the tough times and I didn't give up.  I am so thankful that I didn't.  In hindsight I know this was more about anxiety and not the actual process.

I had support from Ghada, my parents especially my mum (whom Ghada helped previously, so she was prepared).  This support was invaluable in helping me succeed.

I did this transformation through the toughest part of the year - winter time, when all you want to do is eat yummy comforting food.  I pushed through the craving and this was easier as Ghada had given me healthy yummy recipes so that I wouldn't give in.  I’ll be honest though, I did give in every now and then, however these cravings became less and less as I fed my body more and more of the correct foods.

It was pretty amazing when your body is working properly and how it tells you what it needs.

As the months went on my anxieties lessened and my thinking became clearer, this allowed me to have more confidence in my decision making as well as my outward appearance.

I've lost 27 kg to date.  I am so proud of myself, I couldn't believe that I managed to pull through when I was ready to call it quits from day one!

It was not easy, however the positives of thinking more clearly, being happier and more having a positive outlook, looking nice in clothes far outweighed the difficulties I've experienced through this transformation.

Within a year I went from feeling defeated and unhappy to feeling focused and vibrant! Thanks Ghada for your help.